LOW 'N' SLOW - the latest hard-hitting documentary film from Paradigm Productions


Low ‘N Slow, The Art of Lowriding

“Lowriding is more than just an automobile fetish; it’s a vivid expression of Chicano culture and pride. In this lively, upbeat, visually opulent tape, Rick Tejada-Flores traces lowriding’s roots back to the zoot suit era of the Twenties and beyond to the traditional Latino paseo, or promenade. Low ‘N Slow is as entertaining as it is illuminating.”
—Video Classics: A Guide to Video Art and Documentary Tapes

“A raucous tribute to the lowrider lifestyle.”
—San Jose Mercury News

“By concentrating on one subculture the film celebrates them all. To read a bit more into it, Low ‘N Slow could be taken as a slap in the face of those who would close and lock the golden door.”
—Washington Post

Chopped PackardTake an ordinary Detroit car, customize it inside and out, and lower it to the ground. What do you have? It a lowrider, the focus of a Mexican-American social scene that includes cruising on weekend nights, car shows, and hopping contests. The car is driven slowly, the better to be appreciated. It is art. Not museum art, but street art, living art, folk art.

49 ChevyLow ‘N Slow, the Art of Lowriding, explores the complex cultural role that custom cars play in the Mexican-American community.

Low 'N Slow

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