RIVERA IN AMERICA - a documentary film from Paradigm Productions

Rivera In America

Rivera In America

“The fascinating hour-long piece includes an amazing assemblage of archival photographs and remarkable vintage footage of Rivera at work.”
—San Antonio Light

Rivera In America tells the story of the great Mexican muralist’s travels in the United States, the epic work that he created here, and his lasting effect on American artists.

Diego Rivera with mural sketches

Rivera painted in San Francisco, Detroit and New York during the Depression years. He was commissioned by the Fords and the Rockefellers, and his mural at Rockefeller Center was destroyed because it contained a portrait of Lenin. His example inspired the blossoming of public art during the Depression years.

Ralph Stackpole, Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera

The story is told with a mixture of first person reminiscences by those who knew and worked with him, combined with rare archival images and the murals themselves.

Rivera In America

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