CINE Golden Eagle
National Educational Media Network Golden Apple
Best Documentary, Cine Festival, San Antonio


"No film in recent years
has moved me as much as The Fight in the Fields. At a time when the history of our working people is being erased, this marvelous movie rekindles our memory of this gallant battle. Most important, it will be a revelation to the young, who must not be deprived of their history."
Studs Turkel

"Shows us more clearly
than any film before the man and the boy who was Chavez. So easily digestible, it plays like a drama instead of a documentary..."
San Antonio Express-News

"The filmmakers
have constructed a multifaceted and vivid examination of a leader whose journey parallels the movement that affected a nation's conscience, and ultimately changed its understanding of a world that previously had been invisible. The Fight in the Fields is film history well worth watching."
Geoffrey Gilmore, Sundance Festival

"A thorough, compelling two-hour examination... Artfully utilizing a treasure trove of archival film footage and photographs, the filmmakers incorporate interviews with two of Chavez's siblings and two of his children to personalize the man who would become the icon of the Chicano movement."
Los Angeles Times


"The book of record
of the farmworkers' fight... Should be required reading. Cesar Chavez was a great man who deserved a thoughtful and respectful book. He got one."
San Jose Mercury News

"A substantial
and broadly documented portrait... The authors' textured narrative provides good detail on UFW strikes, demonstrations and negotiations.
Publishers Weekly